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Who is Smeagol Jr.

Smeagol Jr. is a LOTR freak. A girl, in fact. She discovered recently she has several similarities with this particular character. Like Smeagol, she has a double, twisted personality: a good part and a bad part. As well, she hates and loves herself, not in the same time, but still. She is somehow afraid of people, to be more precise, she is afraid to confide in them. In the same time, she can be quite tricky. In fact, she can lie to you, without you to notice that. Of course, this doesn’t mean she lies all the time, but there are some occasions when a lie told without the blink of an eye can rescue her from difficult situations. We can also say that Smeagol Jr. suffers of borderline personality disorder. Like Smeagol, she occasionally experiences forms of dissociation. This fact has often caused misunderstanding in her social relationships. Another thing that makes them alike is the sneaking-peeking issue. They both enjoy (more or less) to sneak and peek on others, especially when their feeling are in the game.

Although there are a lot of similarities, Smeagol and Smeagol Jr. have their differences. First, the obvious one, Smeagol is a boy and Jr. is a girl. Second, Smeagol is a former hobbit, while Jr. seems to be elf-kin. And while Smeagol is quite violent (verbally and physically) , Jr. is rather peaceful and hates violence.

More about Smeagol, also know as Gollum, you can find here.

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  1. Eu zic că aduci mai degrabă a Ally McBeal. :p Dar mai bine, în loc să ne întrebi cine e Smeagol Jr, ne-ai spune cine l-a împuşcat pe JR Ewing. :))

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  3. si pentru cei care nu stiu engleza? sincr nu stiu asa de bine doar cateva cuvinte asa sa nu ma ratacesc. Pls nu zi sa folosesc goolge traducere ca traduce ciudat. :oops:

  4. Vroiam a scrie ceva, dar Îmi ieșise în engleză. Cum am citit comentariile precedente, am renunțat la idee. Dar nu sună bine nici în franceză. Voi spune altceva, rezumându-Mă la ce ar fi potrivit: Felicitări pentru blog! Pare destul de… ordonat. Facil de navigat, deși ușor de a te pierde în detalii… visător de condimentate. :)

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