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pe Ianuarie 8, 2011

You make the first steps, then you stumble over a toy and fall. You start crying. After a while, the tears dry out and you start playing again. Perhaps with the same toy you fell over. You then pick another toy to play with.

You grow up. You choose what clothes to wear and the friends you hang out with. You make your own decisions. Some are good and some are bad. You cry again. And wait for the tears to dry out again. You’re not happy, but you know your life doesn’t end there.

It’s your choice. You can choose from now on to pick a wink over and angry face. To replace a tear with a smile, and a criticism with a kind word.

Life may have given you a hard kick that left you with some bruises. You’ve been taught a lesson, but you might not agree with it. You might as well think you don’t deserve it.

But choose now. Pick to wipe your tears away instead of waiting for them to dry. Pick to smile and be happy instead of tormenting yourself with sorrow. You may have made a bad choice before, but now you are able to make the right one.

Good luck!


for C.

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