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pe Octombrie 9, 2010

Life is a series of both fortunate and unfortunate events. Of course, anyone would pick, if possible, only the fortunate ones. We can cope with them, we can understand them, and surely, we deserve them. As for the unfortunate ones, we can’t really say that about them, do we?

Whenever I deal with such an event, I can’t help but ask myself „how did it happen?”. I try to understand it and I go all the way back searching for its roots. Was it something I said, or was it something I do, or something I didn’t do?

There are always two sides of the story…

… but we only see one of them. Or perhaps, we only want to see one side. Ours. The one that makes sense, the one we understand, the one we can accept.

To walk in someone else’s shoes…

… is something of an actor’s thing, while playing his role. I usually skip that part. I don’t know why those shoes and why walk in that particular way. The shoes won’t probably fit me, and I would definitely twist my ankle if I’d walk that way.

No, I’m not talking about those unfortunate events we’ve been through already. We understand them, we know how it’s like and we know how to fill those shoes.

Take a step back…

… and try the other road. You may find a rough terrain, you may find it exhausting, you may not have where to put your toes. And you don’t quite understand why someone would take that path in the first place.

Some things are certain…

… but you don’t know that until you try. Nobody said it’s easy. Sure, first of all you have to want, but that’s another (side of the) story.

Once on that road, you’ll get a slight taste of what it’s like. You won’t enjoy it, maybe. You might as well not understand it very well. And perhaps you might avoid it next time. But you just experienced acceptance.

Therefore, next time an unfortunate event occurs, you’ll know how to accept it, whether you understand it or not.

Now, I’m still trying to figure out the answer to this question: what’s harder, to accept something you can’t understand or to understand something you can’t accept?

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