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I just checked in at the Gym…

pe Septembrie 10, 2010

You look great! You look awesome!

I’m kidding. You look average. Not too tall, not too short. Not skinny, not fluffy, but normal. You walk enough not to gain too much weight. You generally eat healthy food along with the occasionally healthy KFC strips and the daily dose of Coke. You don’t sleep enough, but 4-5 hours per night work just fine for you.

Also, your daily routine (which you love) include surfing around the internet, reading various amounts of documentation and blogs, and catching up with the latest episodes from random TV shows (watched online). I may add petting you pet, chasing thunders with your neat camera (if any storms show up in your area) and working remote.

Like I’ve said, you look average. So average that you feel great with your little belly developing according to your plan bad normal habits. And no, you don’t like those cute guys with perfectly photoshoped built bodies. You don’t even envy them a little. They’re not your style.

But you decide you could pay a visit to the gym anyway.

– So you’re not going to not get any fluffier.
– No! Absolutely not!
– But why?
– I just want to admire some well-shaped female bottoms.
– Right. That’s how you call it these days, eh?


One response to “I just checked in at the Gym…

  1. clawd spune:

    ha… Ha! HA! Very funny.

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