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pe Mai 3, 2010

When you have a teenage daughter, you tend to forget you had her age at some point. Of course, times were different, but that’s not much of an excuse when it comes to understanding your offspring.

Disapproving the way she dresses is a constant issue between the two of you. And all the make-up she wears. And her general attitude when it comes to school and education. And the way she chooses to spend her spare time. And many other things.

And even though  she made some slight changes here and there, even though she came clean these last months, you still can’t hold back your perky remarks. Because you’re the adult and you’re the one that knows them all. And she should bow to your knowledge and be thankful for the fact that you’re sharing it with her.

Of course you want for her only the best. Of course you listen to her and try to understand her infant and foolish decisions*. And of course, when she fails at something, you too fail to keep your mouth shut by telling her „I told you!”.

I was complaining to my sister a while ago regarding kiddo’s exaggerated make-up when going to school (despite it’s rigid code of conduct) and excessive use of cellphone in class. I also told her I do not approve the excuses she came up with for skipping class the last semester.

I couldn’t help myself and continued, by saying that when I was in high-school, I had other priorities. And I was more studious than my kid is, did most of my homeworks days before the next class, dressed more decent and most of all, stood out of trouble. Trouble which seems to be my daughter’s second nature. Or was. I hope…

Anyway, after this lovely conversation, she turned to me and said „God, you’re acting just like a mother!”.

I know in real life kiddo is one of my best friends, and this whole motherhood thing is mainly just Facebook fun. But this question still haunts me now and then… when I’ll have children of my own, how will I be?

*…but nonetheless praise her intelligence and matureness (definitely inherited from you!) when she is complimented for a good work.

One response to “Motherhood

  1. mihaisuzuki spune:

    you worry too much! :)

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