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Winter dream

pe Noiembrie 11, 2009

I wish I could walk one day on the street and bump into you. I would probably blush, but you wouldn’t mind and start talking to me, like we knew each other for years. Or perhaps we do know each other for that long, but didn’t have the change to stand next to each other and just talk, smile and exchange eye sights.

The weather would be sunny, just like us, though we can feel the snow squeaking under our shoes. And you pick up a hand full of snow and invite me to help you build up a snowman. Can you imagine? Two grownups laughing and playing with the snow like little children do. Now that would be fun, doesn’t it?

The next stop would be a coffee shop, although none of us would order one. Just some hot coco and the conversation that would roll slowly like tiny water drops down a mirror. I so much enjoy the taste of chocolate! Don’t you?

Funny how time flies when you spend it with the someone you can’t take your eyes off from.  Like I’m doing now with you. And I find myself comfortably sitting next to you without any worries for what is about to come. Because I’m in good hands. Your hands…

But it’s late and I have to go home. Of course you’re a gentleman and walk me home. After all, the snow falls so gently, covering the road, it would be a pity not to take advantage of this! Lucky my home is not just around the corner.

Am I dreaming? We are walking down my alley hand in hand, talking nonsense and laughing out loud. Until we make the final stop, just outside my building. So I rise up my tiptoes to kiss you on the cheek. But you won’t let me, as you go straight for the lips!

Now, you know I’ll stay up late thinking about that kiss, don’t you? Wait! What am I talking about? I’ll be thinking of you. And smile with all my heart, and make plans, shinny plans for the future. Because  suddenly I have someone who inspires me, who makes me want the best out of everything, who gives a new meaning to the words live, life and love.

And I’ll be dancing while going upstairs, sing as I run around the house and draw silly hearts on every steamy window I find. Of course, the following days I’ll be wearing this huge smile on my face.

And all because of you. Can you imagine that?

3 responses to “Winter dream

  1. tDO spune:

    The imagining part is easy, that has no limitations :D, reality on the other hand…

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