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My stupid alter ego

pe Octombrie 9, 2009

My stupid alter ego makes me think I want to get back with my ex just because at some point I considered him to be mine. Mine, as in my property. And when this other chick comes and steals my property, isn’t it normal for me to claim it back? Even though lately things weren’t that great, even though he was not the man I used to know, even though I questioned myself if I want to continue or not (and the answer was no). But still, he was mine, my toy! And I want it back! What a stupid alter ego! Because I know once the line is broken, you can never fix it. I’ve been there, I know it too well. Therefore, if I’d get him back, my alter ego would be completely satisfied, right?  But what about me? I wouldn’t be happy, that I know for sure.

Also, my stupid alter ego makes me feel jealous just because another girl approaches the guy I „owned” some time ago and he responses. I don’t ever care that much about the dude, but still her presence makes me quite uncomfortable. Normally, I wouldn’t give a damn about either of them, but the fact that I got emotionally attached to the boy makes my alter ego do stupid things. I know that my jealousy goes through the roof, but only when I’m deeply in love with someone. Or in this case, well… it’s not the case! But what if he ignores her and channels all his attention to me? Nothing will happen, except for temporary self satisfaction, because the next day things will get back to normal and whether I see him again or not, I don’t really care. In fact, I care none at all!

Can somebody stop me? I’m getting tired!


5 responses to “My stupid alter ego

  1. tDO spune:

    You should ignore your alter ego… get a rodent friend. From my experience they have much more wisdom to impart, squirrels in particular :D

  2. crinutza spune:

    she has a cat :P

  3. wow, you’re a woman. Who would’ve though?

  4. richie spune:

    Wake up Jr. This is not your dream anymore.

  5. diamond spune:

    What you need to do is give him reasons to treat you really bad. Then you’ll see for yourself that your alterego will throw up at the thought of him

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