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All I have to do is dream

pe Octombrie 9, 2009

So there you are, sitting in a room full of people. You’re standing next to me, but something seems to hold you back (could be your girlfriend). Still, you are looking at me with this strange glance in your eyes. Then you reach out for my hand and hold it in yours. We definitely feel the same thing, but keep it secret. It’s our little secret…

A few minutes later I’m walking home. It’s snowing, in the middle of autumn! And all of a sudden, our paths meet again. Just like that! I’m dazzled, I cannot make any step further. You’re standing in front of me, with that same glance in your eyes.

Am I dreaming? You just kissed me. And then you kissed me again. Then again!

And the rest is history. I woke up smiling and hoping. Maybe one day…


4 responses to “All I have to do is dream

  1. tDO spune:

    Thanks for sharing the story! :)
    Life’s not fair, eh? And of course we can judge… we’ve got front row seats. :D

  2. Bibine spune:

    Girly stuff… u’ve got an obsession there :D

  3. Corina spune:

    Hehe, ce mai ascultam şi eu melodia asta :) De ce nu mă miră?

  4. Smeagol Jr. spune:

    @tDO: I hope you enjoyed it!
    @Bibine: Girly stuff? Perhaps. Obsession? Definitely!
    @Corina: Pentru ca e draguta din cale-afara, si teoretic oricui ar trebui sa ii placa. :D

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