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Dreams -> reality

pe octombrie 7, 2009

I wish that tiny, but intensive part of the dream I had this morning to become reality. I still have a big smile on my face because of it. It seemed so real… Oh, God, am I still in love with an illusion?


5 responses to “Dreams -> reality

  1. tDO spune:

    care to share the contents of the dream? I can’t resist the temptation of answering a rethorical question :D

  2. Smeagol Jr. spune:

    But of course not, sweetheart! By the way, funny email adress you have there. :))

  3. tDO spune:

    eh…e rezultatul unui moment de ratacire din adolescenta care mi-a ramas foarte drag :D
    And yet, how come you don’t want to share that info? You poke at your readers’ curiosity and then leave them hanging? That’s not fair… :D

  4. Smeagol Jr. spune:

    Hehe, life’s not fair, but who are we to judge it? Maybe someday. But just maybe!

  5. […] the rest is history. I woke up smiling and hoping. Maybe one […]

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