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Shoe shopping

pe August 25, 2009

How come that every time a woman is feeling sad/depressed/dumped/nervous, she goes shopping? Especially, shoes. Lots of shoes! I can tell you at least one person who is able to come home with three pairs of shoes and still consider to not have enough of them.

What’s the connection between a brand new pair of Jimmy Choo and women’s well being?

Anyway, today was a good day for science. I worked with a lot of pleasure and I also had fun. I knew I needed a new pair of shoes (sport shoes, that is), so I decided to go get some. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m not a fan of classic shopping (aka clothes, cosmetics, jewelry… you know, women stuff). For me, shopping means food and house related items (because I’m the perfect housewife). Period!

But something went wrong today! I had to do a great deal of „research” before finding a pair that matches my size and taste, which I utterly hate! It’s time wasting. Not only that, but I thought… why not buy some extra pair of socks? After that, I passed by some lovely bracelets, and left with two of them. Then I remembered my deodorant will soon be over, and why not get a new one. And of course, because today I lost a hair band, I wondered to the nearest shop and bought a set.

I don’t understand. What triggered this chain of events? I used to buy shoes in less than 10 minutes, without any „strings attached”. Needed shoes – bought shoes. Nothing more, nothing less.

Guys are different. I want to be a guy!

photo by Thomas Hawk 

7 responses to “Shoe shopping

  1. IB spune:

    e greu cu pantofii, dar e greu si fara ei :)

  2. Cip spune:

    Mda… nu cred ca voi afla in aceasta viata in ce anume consta „terapia prin shopping”. Cum poate oare o alergatura serioasa, in care, pe langa statul ore in sir in picioare, sa compari la nesfarsit culori, modele, materiale, mai ales preturi, sa iti pui intr-una mintea la munca titanica de a-si imagina cum iti vine, cum pica, cum cade, cum sta un anumit articol. Iar atunci cand „un al 6-lea simt” iti spune ca sunt sanse sa tii in brate o „capodopera”, sa treci la adevarate probe de gimnastica aerobica, schimbandu-te iar si iar si iar si iar, de articolele de acasa, cu cele gasite la locul desfasurarii actiunii.

    Ma consolez cu ideea ca nici ideea fotbalului nu este inteleasa de aproape jumatate din populatia terei. O fi aceeasi chestie, dar in sens invers. :-??

  3. Raka spune:

    e al doilea cromozom X care era oarecum latent pana acuma, probabil :) e pur si simplu o chestie femeiasca. La fel ca si cu femeile, nu trebuie sa-ti bati capu’ sa le-ntelegi, pentru ca n-o sa reusesti niciodata, oricum :)

  4. dAImon spune:

    No, fiţi atenţi că iese la iveală latura feminină dintr-o politehnistă. Stay tuned, curcubeele astea nu apar prea des :)

  5. Smeagol Jr. spune:

    Cine-i politehnista? Ca eu nu…

  6. crinutza spune:

    dar eu sunt… si parca vorbeai despre mine :P

    bai… de ce sa fii baiat? pantofii costa intotdeauna mai putin decat componentele pentru calculator :P

  7. Smeagol Jr. spune:

    La tine m-am referit cand am spus ca stiu pe cineva care vine acasa cu 3 perechi si tot nu ii ajung. In rest, e vorba doar de mine. Period!

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