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Wasted (II)

pe Iulie 16, 2009

Winston: The problem, Willie, is that Charles and yourself are not the quickest of cats at the best of times. So just do as I say and keep *the fucking cage locked!* What is that?
Willie: That’s Gloria.
Winston: Yes I know that’s Gloria, what’s that?
Willie: Fertilizer.
Winston: You went out six hours ago to buy a money counter and you come back with a semi-conscious Gloria and a bag of fertilizer. Alarm bells are ringing, Willie.
Willie: We need fertilizer Winston.
Winston: Mmmhmm. We also need a money counter. This money’s got to be out by Thursday, I’m buggered if I’m gonna count it. Just make sure if you do need to buy sodding fertilizer you could be a bit more subtle.
Willie: What do you mean?
Winston: We grow copious amounts of ganja, yah? And you’re carrying a wasted girl and a bag of fertilizer. You don’t look like your average horti-fucking- culturalist! That’s what I mean Willie.

Gotta love LSTSB


6 responses to “Wasted (II)

  1. Horia spune:

    Chill, Winston!

    I love that line!

  2. crinutza spune:

    I love the accent :P

  3. Richie spune:

    Asa asa, now we’re getting somewhere in privinta gustarilor tale cinefile :))

  4. Smeagol Jr. spune:

    Adica ce insinuezi? Ca am avut gusturi de 3 lei pana acum? :P

  5. IB spune:

    N-am vazut LSTSB decat o singura data, insa din Snatch pot cita precum martorii lui Iehova din Biblie :)

  6. Smeagol Jr. spune:

    Hahaha, superba comparatia! :D

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