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pe Iunie 11, 2009

Pentru ca vreau si pentru ca pot. Via Horia

A flower:  Lily-of-the-valley
A season: Winter
A month:  June
A colour: Green
An animal: Meerkat
A piece of clothing:  T-Shirt
A fruit: Apple
A piece of furniture: Bed
A song: Triptico (Gotan Project)
A music video:  May It Be (Enya)
An object: Phone
A musical instrument: Piano
A dear person: Me
A tree: Magnolia
A lyric: Smile though your heart is aching
A city: London
A public figure: Jason Statham
A dish: Soup
A book: The Hobbit
A superhero: Captain Planet
A phenomenon: lightning
A car: Mini Cooper
A part of the body: Arms
A movie character: Bacon
A movie: Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels
A place: Home
A building: Empire State Building
A vegetable: Salad
A phone: Nokia 1110
A drink: Mojito
Something Sweet: Me
An exterior decoration: A Pool
A subject: Forensics
A TV series: CSI
A play: Jocul Dragostei si-al Intamplarii
A name: A.
A gesture: Wave
A perfume: Masculin
An hour: 7 o’clock
A year: 186


4 responses to “Tag

  1. […] Dora played tag. Anyone else? Grandma Getting Jiggy With It » « […]

  2. Horia spune:

    Looks like you missed some :)

    Do volcanoes remind you of Lord of the Rings?

  3. Horia spune:

    Also.. that pingback is very, very funny!

  4. Smeagol Jr. spune:

    Oh, yes… I did missed one, I noticed it just now :”>

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