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Dear Diary XXVIII

pe Mai 2, 2009

I’m dazzled by my own imagination. I still have it under control, but the things that cross my mind lately made me wonder… what’s next? I used to think I have few obsession. Few, but strong. Now I realize that they keep popping out of nowhere. Why? What have I did done to deserve that?

Anyway, about what I said a few hours earlier, perhaps I should start to do some thinking before I let the words slip thru my teeth. That could spare me some nervs, you know?

Tonight I did some cooking. Midnight caught me standing (not quite still) in the kitchen. Some soup, some recipe with chicken breasts and some baked potatoes, one of which simply exploded, leading my stove’s walls to be decorated with some form of mashed potatoes (I can’t read it). I remember my dad. He often used to cook at hours this late. So I’ll just dedicate him all I’ve cooked today. „These are for you, dad. From your daughter, with love!”.

It’s late. And it’s way past my bed time. Lucky me that tomorrow is saturday and there’s no going to the office. This job is better than the last one, at least because I don’t get to spend the „week-end” in the middle of the week.

I got back in touch with some old friends of mine these days. Not a bad thing, I must say. I should do this more often. It’s good for my mental health, which, by the way, I’ve neglected lately.

Well, I guess pretty soon I’ll gonna hit the bed, Jack. I’m yawning for half an hour, but my feet refused to take me to bed. I suppose I’ll have to do this myself. So then,  I’ll say good night to you, and wellcome my dear and beloved fantasy land!


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